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Thursday, August 11, 2005Past Issues - S | M | T | W | T | F | S
South Jersey

On Nov. 1, 1994, Carol Neulander was found dead in her Cherry Hill home, a victim of a beating. In a matter of months, her husband, Fred, then a senior rabbi, was named as a suspect. This is the archive of all stories on the murder that have appeared in the Courier-Post. The most recent stories are at the top.
Fred Neulander
Leonard Jenoff
Paul Michael Daniels
Carol Neulander
Prosecutor Lee Solomon
Elaine Soncini
Neulanders' House
Fred Neulander
Funeral for Carol Neulander
Fred Neulander
Web exclusives
  • Jury Verdict Sheet
  • Leonard Jenoff's confession
  • Paul Daniels' confession
  • Juror questionnaire
  • Rabbi Neulander's statement to police
  • Excerpts from the first trial's opening statements: QuickTime, RealVideo
  • More video and audio from Court TV

    May 2003
  • Rabbi's story will be retold on TV tonight
  • Author sought to cover Neulander case with dignity and eloquence
  • The hows and whys of Fred Neulander

    April 2003

  • Neulander blames others, but he isn't fooling anybody but himself

    February 2003

  • Neulander killers in separate prisons

    January 2003

  • Rabbi's hired killers get 23 years
  • Parole not guaranteed for killers, experts say
  • Neulander hit men to be sentenced today
  • Neulander attorney still coping with defeat
  • Neulander denies guilt, gets life sentence
  • Evidence was damning from the start
  • Victim's children, siblings tell of what they lost
  • Neulander juror says rabbi is fortunate to avoid death row
  • Rabbi addresses judge at sentencing
  • Judge explains reasons for rabbi's sentence
  • Neulander's oldest son calls father 'coward'
  • Rabbi's daughter says she's moving ahead slowly
  • Victim's brother: Neulander deserve's harshest sentence
  • Carol Neulander's brother blames rabbi for stealing memories
  • Slain victim's sister: Neulander is a 'monster'
  • Kin to speak at Neulander sentencing
  • Neulander saga down to final chapter
  • Neulander faces regimented life in N.J. prison
  • Drama-hungry news shows zero in on Neulander story
  • Sentencing date moved for Neulander's killers

    November 2002

  • Prison, not death
  • Juror: Children gave potent testimony
  • Rabbi's words to the jury outrage son
  • Elder son: Either way, penalty OK
  • Residents' opinions on rabbi mixed
  • Jurors had to consider factors for, against death penalty
  • Rabbi hopes to tutor in prison
  • For a brief moment, justice served, as fear crept into sermon
  • Experts: Speech could have had rabbi killed
  • Text of Neulander's speech to jurors
  • Neulander invokes story of Jacob in addressing jury
  • Lynch heaps praise on slain woman's kin
  • Attorney: Supporters saved Neulander's life
  • Son: Spare dad's life
  • Prosecutor eases aggressive style
  • Life grim for those on Death Row
  • Judge irate as ABC calls 7 jurors
  • Youngest Neulander son testifies on father's behalf
  • Ex-wife of Tiny Tim is rabbi's girlfriend
  • Judge Baxter lashes out after media contacts jurors
  • Rabbi is not only clergyman to kill
  • Rabbi arranged his wife's murder, jury says
  • Children's words may have sealed fate
  • Rabbi's conviction brings justice, but no remorse
  • Jury now to decide: Life or death?
  • Jurors agree on three counts
  • 2nd hit man's attorney hopes for leniency
  • Jailhouse informer had little impact
  • After verdict, prayers for healing
  • Proper penalty is a matter of opinion
  • 'Rabbi' is a title that can't be taken away
  • Neulander jurors ask to review testimony
  • Rabbi jury asks for clarification on two points
  • Rabbi jurors face tougher case this time
  • Executions are long shot in N.J.
  • Rabbi jury begins deliberations
  • Rabbi case heads to jury
  • Neulander won't testify
  • Rabbi's silence doesn't surprise local lawyers
  • Rabbi testimony read; prosecutor rests case
  • Defense grills Jenoff about statements
  • Killer's credibility under fire
  • Trial buffs flock to Court TV for Neulander retrial
  • People vie for seats at Neulander retrial
  • Inmate: Revenge is not a motive for testimony
  • Jenoff: I was hired to kill
  • Rabbi defense ties Jenoff to murder
  • Spotlight falls on Voorhees woman's 1995 slaying

    October 2002

  • Sources: Inmate may link Jenoff to other slaying
  • Witnesses describe rare visit by rabbi
  • Rabbi's son testifies at retrial
  • Prosecution witnesses recall forgotten details
  • Soncini describes her affair with rabbi
  • Attorneys argue case as Neulander trial starts
  • Key players' mannerisms important to note in Neulander trial
  • Court TV to broadcast retrial of Neulander
  • Rabbi retrial should offer few surprises
  • Witnesses' key testimony from rabbi's trial
  • Most key players return for retrial
  • Rabbi eligible for death penalty
  • Jury pool filled for Neulander's murder retrial
  • 2 more jurors added to Neulander pool

    September 2002
  • Rabbi retrial jury selection nears end
  • Neulander jury selection moving at faster pace
  • Jury selection begins in Neulander's retrial

    July 2002
  • New Neulander trial set to begin Oct. 21
  • Court: Fair trial right outweighs First Amendment

    June 2002
  • Reporters fined, put on work details
  • Burlington Co. appeals Neulander transfer

    May 2002
  • Judge to decide if order was violated by reporters
  • Three Neulander jurors testify in contempt-of-court hearing
  • Burlco jail protests move of Neulander
  • Neulander's retrial moves to Monmouth Co.
  • Rabbi seeks move to Burlco Jail
  • Site of Neulander retrial still up in the air
  • Neulander retrial could be in Monmouth Co.

    April 2002
  • Supreme Court upholds rabbi jury media ban
  • Rabbi retrial likely to begin in late August

    March 2002
  • N.J. high court hears arguments about jury media ban
  • Rabbi retrial to move out of Camden Co.
  • Moving Neulander retrial creates no advantage, lawyers say
  • Opinions mixed in S.J. on moving rabbi retrial

    January 2002
  • Rabbi to get new lawyer, still faces death
  • Phila. reporter found in contempt of court

    December 2001
  • Death penalty arguments may push back rabbi's retrial date

    November 2001
  • Dismissal of capital charge sought
  • People involved in Neulander case are not talking about it
  • Appeals court to hear arguments against media limits in Neulander case
  • Attorneys face tough choices in rabbi retrial
  • Rabbi denied request for bail
  • Officials: Most jurors wanted to convict rabbi
  • Neulander judge refuses to lift ban on press talking to jurors
  • Gloucester Co. murder case could affect second trial
  • Retrial to be sought in wife's slaying
  • Judge forbids reporters to talk to jurors
  • Opinions in S.J. divided on reasons for mistrial
  • Members of S.J. Jewish community disappointed
  • Witnesses were prosecution's weakness, lawyers say
  • Family thanks prosecution for its work
  • Rabbi stumbled on stand
  • Jenoff's credibility at heart of trial
  • Mistrial likely delays sentencing of Jenoff
  • Hardworking, thoughtful jury could not agree
  • Plans of media, authors hit snag
  • Last-minute witness helped undermine state's case
  • Witnesses lent shock value to trial
  • Day-by-day highlights from the trial

  • Trial lends itself to cast of characters
  • Neulander jury reconvenes today
  • Lawyers' toughest job: waiting for a verdict
  • Neulander jurors renew deliberations
  • Writer rebuked for talking with juror
  • Judge asked to ease rules regarding jurors' identities
  • Neulander jury deadlocked
  • Retrial likely if rabbi jury is deadlocked
  • For rabbi's book, verdict is already in
  • Deliberations continue in rabbi's murder trial
  • Neulander book holds lifetime of recollections
  • Jury to continue deliberating Wednesday
  • Book written by Neulander under pseudonym shares rabbinical wisdom
  • Deliberations to resume today in Neulander trial
  • Jury will consider three criminal charges against Neulander
  • Judge: It's too early to discuss deadlock in Neulander trial
  • Lawyers make final arguments; Neulander case goes to jury
  • Rabbi defense rests; jury may get case today

    October 2001
  • Neulander denies role in murder of his wife
  • Letters could extend trial
  • Prosecutor uses 9-1-1 call to put rabbi on defensive
  • Neulander a study in contrasts
  • 2 inmates testify that Jenoff bragged about framing rabbi
  • Neulander trial is a case study
  • Killer's accomplice testifies
  • Confessed killer incapable of lying, attorney says
  • Jenoff coached Daniels to confess role in Neulander killing
  • Neulander displayed temper, fellow rabbi testifies
  • Rabbi's trial hinges on finding truth
  • Jenoff insists he is telling truth at trial
  • TV network lets nation see Neulander murder trial unfold
  • Tearful Jenoff details beating rabbi's wife
  • Jenoff says Neulander hired him to kill his wife
  • Rabbi wished wife was dead, witness says
  • Ex-radio host describes affair with Neulander
  • Neulander trial opens with tape of 9-1-1 dispatch
  • Neulander trial promises drama, but no revelations
  • How a community icon fell from grace
  • Neulander could face death if convicted of capital murder in wife's 1994 killing
  • Judge denies venue change for Neulander

  • Final potential juror picked in murder trial
  • Neulander jury pool may be filled today
  • Two added to Neulander jury pool, 14 excused

    September 2001
  • 2 added to possible juror list in Neulander murder case
  • Neulander defense again seeks change of venue
  • Six more potential jurors added to rabbi trial
  • 2 men, 1 woman selected for Neulander jury pool
  • 4 added to jury pool in Neulander case; 1 juror is dismissed
  • 2 more added to Neulander jury pool
  • Neulander jury pool now at 32; midpoint reached
  • Five more residents added to Neulander jury pool
  • 3 added to Neulander jury pool
  • No potential jurors picked for rabbi case
  • Six more people added to Neulander jury pool
  • Neulander judge tightens news coverage restraints

    August 2001
  • Two women chosen to join jury pool
  • Little progress made on jury
  • 3 jurors pre-qualified in Neulander trial
  • Experts debate usefulness of juror questionnare
  • 3 more prequalified as potential jurors
  • 5th juror passes initial questioning
  • 4 jurors pass 1st screening
  • Jury selection begins in rabbi trial
  • Preliminary reviews sensational
  • Court prepares for jury selection
  • At first, suspicion; then a confession breaks rabbi case -- Second of two parts.
  • Trial nears in Neulander killing
  • Sordid tale likely to complicate jury selection for murder trial
  • Timeline of the Carol Neulander murder case

    July 2001

  • Juror questionnaire set for Neulander trial
  • Neulander defense offers juror queries

    June 2001

  • Neulander's defense denied files on Jenoff
  • 1,200 may be called for Neulander jury

    May 2001
  • Testimony of rabbi's child to be used

    January 2001

  • Book on Neulander case covers more than crime
  • Neulander trial to stay in Camco
  • Sept. 10 set to pick jury in rabbi trial

    December 2000

  • No decision on Neulander trial site

    November 2000

  • Judge postpones Neulander hearing
  • Prosecutors say rabbi can get fair trial
  • Six years after slaying, Neulander case still year from trial

    October 2000

  • Rabbi's defense to cite jail informants

    September 2000

  • Neulander's lawyers say survey supports moving trial
  • Inmates: Jenoff said rabbi wasn't in on wife's killing
  • Jenoff says Neulander wanted ex-ally killed

    August 2000

  • Neulander attorneys seek to move venue of murder trial
  • Rabbi Neulander back in court for pretrial hearing

    June 2000
  • Neulander isolated during jail evaluation
  • Neulander led to jail after bail is revoked
  • Rabbi Neulander facing death penalty in wife's slaying
  • Many now doubt Neulander's innocence
  • Neulander could face death penalty
  • Daniels confesses to Neulander killing
  • Second confessed killer of rabbi's wife to plead guilty
  • Jenoff says he acted from love, fear of rabbi
  • Neulander suspect likely to plead guilty
  • Jenoff pleads guilty to killing rabbi's wife
  • Guilty plea expected in '94 slaying

    May 2000

  • Neulander defense wins bid for confession tapes
  • Prosecutor seeks to seal state's file on Neulander
  • Rabbi case similar to 1984 N.J. murder
  • Confessions offer a better picture of woman's death
  • Lawyer: Jenoff participated in beating, knew victim was rabbi's wife
  • Fatal accident began Jenoff's many troubles
  • Jenoff accused of finishing Neulander attack
  • Lawyer defends witness's credibility in Neulander case
  • Two arrests renew talk of Neulander case in area
  • Neulander's lawyers seek reporter's notes on confession
  • Two arrested in Neulander slaying
  • Neulander's trial pushed back at least 3 months
  • Neulander's attorneys quickly question Jenoff's truthfulness
  • Neulander suspect tricked into recorded confession

    February 2000

  • Neulander's murder trial scheduled for June 19
  • Rabbi Neulander to stand trial in wife's slaying

    January 2000

  • Pipe could be Neulander murder weapon, document suggests
  • Excerpts of Neulander's 9-1-1 call on Nov. 1, 1994

    November 1999

  • Neulander anxious for trial to start

    October 1999

  • Lawyer says rabbi could be proven innocent

    June 1999

  • Rabbi's lawyers focus on possible mob link to case

    March 1999

  • Ex-rabbi pleads innocent to slaying

    January 1999

  • Rabbi indicted in wife's slaying

    September 1998

  • Rabbi charged in murder

    November 1997

  • Neulander murder yet unsolved

    October 1997

  • Prosecutor in Neulander case expresses confidence

    September 1997

  • Grand Jury reviews Neulander case
  • Rabbi, attorney welcome grand jury's probe

    May 1997

  • Neulander gets grant for crime victims

    September 1996

  • Attorney: Rabbi didn't lie on test about killing
  • Lie detector indicated rabbi lied

    September 1995

  • Rabbi denies role in slaying, admits mistakes

    August 1995

  • No lie detector test for rabbi
  • Host: Sorry for my affair with rabbi
  • Lawyer: Radio host's admission a question of morals, not murder
  • Rabbi: I didn't kill my wife

    February 1995

  • Officials probing leaks about rabbi in murder inquiry
  • Rabbi suspect in wife's murder

    December 1994

  • Reward offered for information on killing of rabbi's wife

    November 1994

  • Authorities 'making progress'
  • Prosecutor: Rabbi's wife was target by killer

  • Carol Neulander found dead
  • Slaying unnerves neighbors
  • Mourners' silence fills synagogue

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