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Thursday, August 11, 2005Past Issues - S | M | T | W | T | F | S
South Jersey

June 2001

June 19, 2001
· EDITORIAL: Milan finally admits he was wrong
June 17, 2001
· Milan goes out with a whimper
· Experts: Camden's image can be fixed

June 16, 2001
· Milton Milan sentenced to 7 years
· Milan sentencing doesn't close the book on corruption probe
· Key figures in the downfall of former Camden Mayor Milton Milan
· Milan's ex-colleagues surprised by sentence
· Sentence too lenient, poll respondents say

June 15, 2001
· Milan to be sentenced today
· Dismayed by corrupt past, residents look to future
· On the job, Milan's strengths turned to weaknesses

June 14, 2001
· Milan's sentence likely to be less than 5 years

June 10, 2001
· Camden's prodigal son comes back

June 9, 2001
· Milan's ex-partner gets house arrest

June 8, 2001
· Milan defense wants verdicts dismissed

May 2001

May 17, 2001
· Ex-officer admits inflating overtime

December 2000

December 29, 2000
· Faison will ditch Milan's `Mayormobile''

December 28, 2000
· Camden's new mayor ready to get down to work

December 27, 2000
· Faison takes office; Milan allies fired

December 23, 2000
· Milan stripped of office
· Until sentencing, Milan at federal detention center
· Public reaction to Milton Milan's guilty verdict is mixed
· Jury 'wanted to do the right thing,' forewoman says
· Drug trade remains entrenched in Camden

December 22, 2000 -- MILAN CONVICTED
· Milan convicted on 14 charges, acquitted on two, imprisoned by judge
· Officials: City needs team effort, trustworthy leader
· Case over, city looks to future
· Bystanders try to see beyond verdict and to city's future
· Daidone was central to case, but avoided testifying, indictment
· After years as mob boss, trial turns the spotlight on Natale
· Milan verdict count by count
· Milton Milan meets fate alone and leaves a city with dashed hopes

December 21, 2000
· Milan jury reaches verdict on 16 charges

December 20, 2000
· Judge asks Milan jurors to hold longer deliberations

December 19, 2000
· Jury deliberations in Milan trial enter fifth day

December 16, 2000
· Milan jury deliberations on hold for the weekend

December 15, 2000
· Milan jury to deliberate for a third day

December 14, 2000
· Jurors begin deliberations in Milan case

December 13, 2000
· Milan deliberations to begin today

December 12, 2000
· Prosecutor: Milan was `open for business'

December 9
· Judge denies Milan's request to fire lawyer

December 3
· Who would be mayor if Milan is convicted?

December 1
· Rivera links Milan loans to drug funds

November 2000

November 30
· `JR' Rivera, key witness, to talk today

November 29
· Defense tries to discredit ex-Milan aide

November 28
· Former Milan adviser testifies about donation

November 23
· Prosecutors try to link Milan to mob payoffs

November 15
· Witnesses: Milan got van to win towing contract

November 14
· Natale testifies he gave ring to former Camden council president

November 11
· Tapes detail Natale's wish to control Camden construction deals

November 10
· Natale describes Milan meeting, plan to `take half of Camden'

November 08
· Witness: Break-in Milan's idea

November 07
· Prosecution, defense argue merits of Milan case
· Milan spoke volumes just chewing gum

November 06
· Ruling to influence course of Milan trial

November 05
· Get ready to see some real `drama'

November 03
· Judge: N.J. can select city official
· Ex-wife says Milan has stopped child-support payments

October, 2000

October 27
· U.S. wants to link Milan to drug trade
· State demands answers from Camden leaders

October 26
· Jury in Milan case may be seated today

October 25
· Judge gives 2 warnings to Milan

October 23
· Attorney: Milan prepared to face corruption trial

October 22 - Special Report: Camden's money pipeline
· United Gunite contributions, 1996-2000
· Officials pocket cash as sewer crumbles
· Camden PAC filtered money from firms to councilmen
· Former officials say whole political system corrupted by campaign fundraising
· No-bid contracts provide avenue for abuse of power
· State Sen. Lesniak guided flow of cash from United Gunite to N.J. Democrats
· Jerry Free's political influence extended to nearly every level

July, 2000

July 13
· Grand jury makes minor changes to Milan indictment

July 2
· Moran campaign violations uncovered

June, 2000

June 22
· Camden probe turns focus to city contracts

June 16
· Mathes took mob payoff, probe finds

May, 2000

May 6
· Ex-mob boss says he gave $30,000 to Mayor Milan

May 5
· Milan seeking spiritual, monetary assistance
· Whitman playing politics with Camden takeover, Milan says

April, 2000

April 29, 2000
· Pierre Robinson gets probation for selling gun to druglord

April 20, 2000
· State sues to take over Camden's finances

April 19, 2000
· N.J., Camden trying to avert court battle
· Milan's former bodyguard resigns

April 15, 2000
· State votes to put Camden under 'supervision'
· Affidavit details ties between Milan, mob boss

April 14, 2000
· City Council won't urge Milan to quit
· Ex-Camden fire chief target of federal probe
· Local officials to offer truce in Camden finance dispute

April 13, 2000
· N.J. likely to broaden its powers in Camden

April 12, 2000
· City council's resolution calling on Mayor Milan to resign stalls

April 8, 2000
· City Council will likely ask Milan to resign

April 7, 2000
· Camden Mayor Milan pleads innocent
· Camden Mayor Milan lambasts police chief, Solomon
  for lack of minorities on promotion list

April 4, 2000
· Ex-partner will testify against Milan
· Camden's response to ultimatum rejected

April 2, 2000
· Milan indictment may be only the beginning
· Editorial: Gov. Whitman must appoint CEO to put Camden straight
· Camden's bureaucracy frustrates businesses

April 1, 2000
· State may take over Camden
· Possible witness joins mayor on the links
· Text of Friday's letter
· Residents remain divided on Milan
· Roberts calls on Milan to resign for sake of city

March, 2000

March 31, 2000
· Milan indicted
· City Council not pushing for Milan's resignation
· Mayor's feistiness fades only in courtroom
· Mob's involvement with Milan fits pattern, officials say
· 19-count indictment against Milan includes details of the petty
  and the elaborate
· Whitman says state may need to expand role in Camden
· South Jersey residents feel anger, sympathy for Milan
· Hispanics say indictment won't hamper their growing political power
· Milan rose from city streets to City Hall
· Camden's businesses will survive scandal, observers say
· Milan is 3rd Camden mayor to be charged
· Still-confident Milan should walk in shame
· Editorial: In best interest of Camden, Mayor Milan must resign

March 30, 2000
· Ex-Milan associate faces arrest
· TV crews trip up in chase of Milan

March 23, 2000
· Numerous witnesses heard by grand jury

March 22, 2000
· Indictment of Milan might happen today

March 17, 2000
· Probe of Camden police may target other city officials

March 16, 2000
· Milan seeks to boost his public image

March 15, 2000
· Milan vows to fight any criminal charges
· Drug dealer Febo says he'll help Camden police corruption probe

March 14, 2000
· Camden police records subpoenaed

March 11, 2000
· Ties between Milan, city's towing contractor investigated

March 9, 2000
· Sloan-El testifies before grand jury in Milan probe
· Milan's ex-partner held on $1M bail after indictment

March 2, 2000
· Rivera loses two Camden properties
· Five Camden officials appear before grand jury

March 1, 2000
· Jury convicts top drug lords in trial that rocked City Hall
· With verdict decided, focus turns to fate of embattled Mayor Milan
· Prosecutor vows to probe charges that corrupt cops abetted syndicate
· Streets quieter since shutdown of drug markets
· Federal prosecutors will be looking to make more deals for testimony
· Ring's 9-year reign ends

February, 2000

February 26, 2000
·Defense lawyers call witnesses liars

February 25, 2000
·JR Rivera drug case may go to jury today

February 24, 2000
·Citizens group drops bid to oust Milan from office

February 17, 2000
·Defense rests in Camden drug ring trial
·Former bodyguard for Milan testifies

February 16, 2000
·Experts: Prosecutors must move slowly, carefully on Milan

February 15, 2000
·Defense attorney spars with informant

February 11, 2000
·Febo: Milan warned me of drug probe

February 10, 2000
·Two witnesses ID Milan as dealer

February 8, 2000
·Key witness will take stand in Rivera trial

February 4, 2000
·Ex-drug dealer: Milan sold cocaine in 1980s
·Witness tells how Figueroa killed man

February 3, 2000
·Lawman's relative warned about drug raid, dealer says

February 2, 2000
·Drug dealer ran out of space to store cash

February 1, 2000
·Witness details operations of Camden drug syndicate

January, 2000

January 27, 2000
·Ex-dealer's testimony attacked in drug trial

January 25, 2000
·Informant links Camden mayor to illegal gun

January 22, 2000
·Witness: Milan tipped Rivera on raids
·Caruso OKs plea deal, may implicate Milan
·Tape captures Camden officer advising alleged drug dealer

January 19, 2000
·Witness: Milan aided effort to get drug money

January 16, 2000
·Drug syndicate controlled life at Camden apartments

January 12, 2000
·Rivera allegedly bragged that he financed Milan's mayoral victory
·Drug lord tells of lavish lifestyle, cheating death
·Camden detective defends relationship with alleged leader of drug syndicate

January 11, 2000
·Witness: IOU from Milan seized from Rivera's office

January 7, 2000
·Witness: Milan bought coke in bulk
·Some fear Milan's problems could create Hispanic, black rift
·Milan's name linked to drug dealers before
·Trial only hardens battle lines surrounding Milan

January 6, 2000
·Ex-dealers to give testimony critical to Camden drug trial

December, 1999

December 14, 1999
·Milan company owes $28,000 back-tax bill

December 13, 1999
·At least 16 murders linked to drug ring
·'Cleaning' disguises source of drug profits
·Real estate crucial to prosperity of gang

December 12, 1999
·Drug gangs, cops profited from Camden's plunge into decay
·Cops cozy with drug lords still on patrol
·Former Camden cop recounts slide into corruption

December 7, 1999
·Chamorro murder still haunting Mayor Milan

October, 1999

October 7, 1999
·Milan allegedly traded favors for furniture

October 2, 1999
·Milan's ties to drug ring probed

September, 1999

September 26, 1999
·Firm's ties to Milan, mob probed
·Bankrupt contractor has long list of creditors

September 9, 1999
·Milan allies on trip deny wrongdoing

September 8, 1999
·Checks, money missing from Milan's campaign fund
·Ex-aide: Milan misused funds

September 2, 1999
·Milan: `I've done nothing wrong'

August, 1999

August 28, 1999
·Reputed mobsters named in probe

August 27, 1999
·Federal agents raid home, office of Camden Mayor Milton Milan

August 6, 1999
·Permits not on file for work at Milan's house

August 4, 1999
·Mayor's repairs probed

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