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Thursday, August 11, 2005Past Issues - S | M | T | W | T | F | S
South Jersey

The Courier-Post has covered the New Jersey since before it was built. This section contains stories from the year 2000.

STORIES: 1939 - 1997  |  1998  |  1999  |  2000  |  2001  |  2002  |  2003 |  2004 |  Multimedia  

December 2000
  • USS Missouri curator offers advice for `Big J'
  • Battleship pier could be dogged by construction delays
  • Museum plans bogged down in issues and egos
  • Online Photo Gallery of the Battleship tour

    November 2000

  • Leader of battleship New Jersey effort quits

    September 2000

  • Alliance seeks bids for `Big J' conversion
  • Ex-crewmen hope to hold reunion on `Big J' in 2002
  • Ex-crewmen may get say in `Big J' restoration
  • Battleship panel finally endorses Camden site

    August 2000

  • Willingboro firm hired to oversee battleship's refurbishment
  • Paul Barrett was a driving force in bringing the USS New Jersey to Camden's Waterfront
  • `Big J' towed to Broadway Terminal for renovation work
  • Tours of duty: Battleship preview draws 11,000 visitors.
  • Free tour of battleship New Jersey draws thousands
  • Young and old engrossed by tour of battleship.
  • Warship prepares to receive visitors
  • USS New Jersey opening to public free for two days

    July 2000

  • 'Ship of hope'
  • USS New Jersey returns home to cheers, tears
  • Schwarzkopf to speak from battleship
  • See photos of the ships journey to Camden
  • Photographs of the 'Big J's' homecoming
  • `Big J' prepared for last trip
  • USS New Jersey's fans celebrate ship victory
  • Secretary of Navy signs `Big J' contract
  • Opinion: Move quickly to dock 'Big J' in Camden
  • Deal near on transfer of USS New Jersey
  • Battleship could be in N.J. by mid-July

    June 2000

  • DRPA vice chairman to oversee 'Big J' funds

    May 2000

  • DRPA may oversee state funds for battleship

    April 2000

  • Selection of site for battleship scrutinized
  • EPA looks for contamination on battleship USS New Jersey
  • Bickering over `Big J' hurts N.J.
  • It's now official: USS New Jersey coming to Camden
  • Navy to move USS New Jersey to Camden in next few months

    March 2000

  • South Jersey congressmen say battleship's move is on track
  • Lawmaker seeks probe of decision on fate of 'Big J'
  • Second lawmaker seeks review of `Big J' decision
  • Lawmaker says battleship review request not sour grapes
  • Lawmaker seeks review of decision on battleship
  • Another step toward return of USS New Jersey to Camden
  • Coalition places ads for 'Big J' contractor
  • Lost letter to postpone transfer of battleship
  • $7.2M in `Big J' funding passes hurdle
  • Battleship may be city's `jewel' on the Waterfront
  • Battleship suit nipped in the bud

    Feburary 2000

  • Editorial: Deserving recipient of service medal
  • Editorial: Could take law to get `Big J' funds
  • Vet receives medal for battleship work
  • Two S.J. Democrats make bid to abolish Battleship Commission
  • $950,000 awarded for battleship repairs
  • Battleship group cautions about solicitations
  • South Jersey Speaks Out: Great possibilities for 'Big J'
  • Living museum
  • Showcase battleship, and they will come
  • `The Fleet's In'
  • Bill to boost funding for USS New Jersey by $7.2M sent to Assembly
  • Battleship victory celebrated
  • Camden battleship plan 'very superior'
  • Chef's ice sculpture of battleship will adorn Sunday's victory bash
  • More state aid proposed for battleship
  • Commission must hand over money folks gave for 'Big J'

    January 2000

  • We got the ship! And South Jersey responds
  • Home at last: A great day for South Jersey
  • Letters to the editor
  • Public invited to free party for battleship at E-Centre
  • 'Big J' may be used for children's sleepovers
  • Paperwork, cleanup on tap for battleship
  • Opinion - Winning our battleship gives region reason to celebrate
  • Battleship party to honor public's role
  • We got the ship!
  • Next steps: Repair the battleship, build dock
  • 'We're so used to losing, I can't believe we've got it,' says freeholder
  • Battleship USS New Jersey documentary to air Jan. 16
  • Historian details the role politics played in battleship's creation Bayonne

    STORIES: 1939 - 1997  |  1998  |  1999  |  2000  |  2001  |  2002  |  2003 |  2004 |  Multimedia  

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