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Thursday, August 11, 2005Past Issues - S | M | T | W | T | F | S
South Jersey

The Courier-Post has covered the New Jersey since before it was built. This section contains stories from the year 1998.

STORIES: 1939 - 1997  |  1998  |  1999  |  2000  |  2001  |  2002  |  2003 |  2004 |  Multimedia  

December 1998
  • Camden County freeholders approve funds for battleship consultant
  • Efforts renewed in fight for ship

    October 1998

  • Camco appeals Bayonne ship site
  • Battleship fight goes to Congress

    September 1998

  • Keelhaul commission for battleship decision
  • S.J. group will appeal to Navy for battleship
  • Camden loses bid for USS New Jersey
  • Camden mayor, congressmen vow to continue fight
  • Chairman says Camden will not win
  • Advocates of warship hold rally
  • Panel favors Bayonne for battleship
  • Battleship Commission floats goofy excuses
  • Pick Jersey City
  • Residents first
  • Final countdown to future of battleship New Jersey
  • Battleship panel sees Bayonne
  • Aquarium offers to promote battleship
  • New Jersey battleship panel set to visit Bayonne today
  • Woodbury man crafts replica of battleship
  • Battleship: Naval art
  • Up close, personal

    August 1998

  • Saltwater damage
  • USS Iowa, Forrestal set to lift anchor
  • Battleship panel to visit Bayonne site
  • Museum ships shouldn't compete
  • North Jersey sites are opposed for ship
  • Sharing the credit
  • Really big ships
  • Battleship Commission keeping an open mind
  • Azzolina captained the battle from the beginning
  • Overveiw of New Jersey Battleship Commision members
  • Battleship panel plans return to Jersey City
  • South Jersey struts stuff for ship
  • Praying for ship
  • Camden freeholders pledge $3.2 million
  • 300 people turn out to express support
  • Camden businesses optimistic, pessimistic
  • Ship belongs in Camden - No brainer

    July 1998

  • Camden to commission: Bring battleship home
  • 'My God, I never saw a ship that big'
  • Pinup selection showed sailors' family leaning
  • Old warships buoy economy of host cities
  • Workers at vessel's birth work to bring her back
  • It's personal to bring battleship back
  • Camden berth
  • Let's show commission we want battleship here
  • A chance to show our colors
  • Rally on July 31
  • If he were alive . . .
  • Voice your support
  • Doesn't need ship
  • Sign petitions
  • Sentimental reasons
  • Ship's birthplace
  • A call to battle stations to bag ship for Camden
  • Camden officials OK $1M for ship
  • Jersey City's plea
  • Local man on panel to move battleship
  • South Jersey gets a say in battleship destination
  • Ship's birthplace
  • Good move by Camden to bolster battleship bid
  • Pride and a battleship
  • Bayonne's response
  • We love her
  • Battleship commission begins to weigh anchor
  • USS New Jersey panel to visit Camden
  • Camden, 2 other cities in running for battleship
  • Project Battleship

    June 1998

  • Bill would let Navy give battleship to state
  • Get involved
  • Gearing up for fight
  • Poor setting for ship
  • Killing competition
  • Where's DRPA?
  • Spread the word
  • Can't let Bayonne net battleship New Jersey
  • Bayonne, battleship: Imperfect together
  • Getting 'robbed'
  • North or South?
  • Battleship commission needs its sails trimmed

    May 1998

  • Officials continue fight for battleship
  • 'New Jersey' berth place
  • Ship like no other, says yard veteran
  • South Jersey, unite!
  • Ship's real home
  • Buried in Bayonne?
  • Bring ship home
  • Running up the rigging to hail battleship home
  • Bringing battleship to Camden an uphill battle

    April 1998

  • Battleship New Jersey should berth in Camden
  • Torricelli plan for battleship gets torpedoed

    March 1998

  • Burlco man determined to snare battleship

  • STORIES: 1939 - 1997  |  1998  |  1999  |  2000  |  2001  |  2002  |  2003 |  2004 |  Multimedia  

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